What to offer Lavenders quality in your store? Our professional and reliable service allows other businesses to offer customers produce that is seasoned with Cornish tradition, as well as being delicious. In fact, our current selection has proved to be so popular that routes have been fully established to Bocastle, Falmouth, Hayle, Newquay, Padsto, St. Ives and many more locations.

Orders can easily be made over the phone (01736) 362800, or simply hand your next order to us when we deliver, whatever works best for you.

Our service can be used by businesses looking to offer consumers a wide range of baked goods and sandwiches, as well as businesses who may to ensure that a business lunch is well catered for without breaking the bank.

Quality is the top of our agenda, and we ensure that is instilled in everything we produce. Our vast range of flavours means that there is something for everyone within our range, even vegetarians.

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